Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) (3 yr. full time)


The role of IT in present professional scenario has led to the need of systematic study of computers with its diversified applicable prospects. The BCA program is designed to meet this requirement of IT professionals in different job avenues through providing substantial understanding of the concepts in key areas of Computer Science. The course also provides a sound academic base fromwhich an advanced career in Computer Application and IT can be developed.


1.To appreciate the role of computers and information technology in the present world, with its potential for development in the future.
2.To enable a proven level of competence in Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Application Packages that are in extensive use in the industry.
3.To develop all-round personality and communicative traits to meet the expectations of employers in both public and the private sectors.


The 3 year full time BCA programme at NERIM School of Computer Science is conducted as per the prescribed regulations and syllabi of Dibrugarh University.



As per the regulation and course syllabi of Dibrugarh University, the BCA Programme (3Year Full time) consists of Six Semesters covering three Calendar Years. Each semester will cover 600 marks (except 4th & 6th semester) and every paper of each semester will carry 100marks. All papers are compulsory. A student has to carry out one Minor Project in Fifth Semester and one Major Project in Sixth Semester. The evaluation pattern of students' performance in each of the papers will be as follows :

(a)In-Semester Evaluation: 25% marks (Based on Internal Examinations, Home Assignments, Attendance, Seminars, Library Works, Installation of Hardware & Software, Viva-voce)
(b)End-Semester Evaluation : 75% marks (University Final Examination at the end of the semester).

The study of course is spread over in the following order:

I semester : 6 PapersII semester : 6 Papers
III semester : 6 PapersIV semester : 6 Papers
V semester : 5 PapersVI semester : 1 Paper (Major Project)

First Semester
Paper CodePaper NameEnd SemesterIn SemesterTotal Marks
1.1Computer Fundamentals7525100
1.3Communicative English7525100
1.4Digital Design7525100
1.5Personality Development7525100
1.6Laboratory (Computer Fundamentals,
Programming in C)

Second Semester
Paper CodePaper NameEnd SemesterIn SemesterTotal Marks
2.2Discrete Structure7525100
2.3Data Structure7525100
2.4Accounting and Financial Management7525100
2.5Computer Architecture and Organization7525100
2.6Laboratory (Data Structure in C, C++, Tally)7525100

Third Semester
Paper CodePaper NameEnd SemesterIn SemesterTotal Marks
3.2Theory of Computing7525100
3.3Internet & Web Programming7525100
3.4Computer Graphics7525100
3.5Object Oriented Programming with JAVA7525100
3.6Laboratory (Internet, Computer Graphics, Java)7525100

Fourth Semester
Paper CodePaper NameEnd SemesterIn SemesterTotal Marks
4.1Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing7525100
4.2Database Management System7525100
4.3Operating System7525100
4.4System Software7525100
4.5Environment Studies7525100
4.6Laboratory (Fortran, DBMS, Operating System, System Software)7525100

Fifth Semester
Paper CodePaper NameEnd SemesterIn SemesterTotal Marks
5.1Data Communication & Computer Network7525100
5.2Operating Research7525100
5.3Software Engineering7525100
5.4Minor Project7525200
5.5Laboratory (networking & Software Engineering)7525100

Sixth Semester
Paper CodePaper NameEnd SemesterIn SemesterTotal Marks
6.1Major Project  300

Note: In addition to the above papers, students of BCA Course must appear in one Compulsory paper- ‘Environmental Studies’ (EVS) in the 2nd semester. The EVS paper carries 100 marks with Multiple Choice Questions.



A student who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) in Arts /Science/Commerce of theAssam Higher Secondary Education Council or any other equivalent Examination recognized as such by the University scoring an aggregate of 45% marks with Mathematics as one of the subjects in HS (PassMarks), is eligible to apply for admission into the 3 year BCA Course.


The selection of candidate for admission into 3 year BCA programme shall be done on merit basis as determined by theUniversity.



A student of BCA (3 year programme) shall have to attend minimum 80 % of total classes in each paper to be eligible to appear in each semester end examination.


EXAMINATION SYSTEM (As per Dibrugarh University Regulations)

(a) To be eligible to appear in the BCA End Semester Examinations as a regular candidate, a studentmust attend 80% of the lectures delivered during the academic session. A student who attends at least 60% of the lectures delivered shall, however, be allowed to appear in the Examination as a non-collegiate candidate on payment of a prescribed fee.
(b) The semester examination shall be divided into two groups:Odd semester: First,Third and Fifth. Even Semester: Second, Fourth and Sixth.
c) A candidate who fails or doesn't appear in one or more subjects of any end-semester examination upto 5th semester will be provisionally promoted to the next higher semester with the failed subjects as carry over subjects. Such candidate will be eligible to appear in the carry over subjects in the next examinations of those Subjects.

However, the following restrictions will be applicable.
(i) A candidate shall not be allowed to appear in the 5th semester examination unless he/she clears all the subjects of 1st and 2nd semesters.
(ii) A candidate shall be allowed maximum 5 years to complete the course of BCA.
(iii) A candidate shall be entitled to a maximum of two chances (excluding the first regular examination) to clear a subject. If a candidate fails to clear a subject even after the two chances, he/she has to repeat the semester with admission.
(iv) If a student clears the sixth semester examination before clearing all the subjects of the previous semesters, the result of the sixth semester examination of that candidate shall be with held and his/her results shall be announced only after he/she clears the subjects of the previous semesters.
(v) In order to pass in a subject, a candidate shall have to pass in all the parts separately.


AWARD OF DEGREE Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica

Successful candidates shall be awarded the Degree of Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) by Dibrugarh University. Candidates securing 60% and above will be awarded First class and those securing 45% or more but less than 60%will be awarded Second class.



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