PROGRAMMES - MBA 2 year full time (Approved by AICTE)

Development in the international business environment and the consequent impact of the same on India's domestic market call for an increasing professional approach and flexibility towards managing the Corporate, Govt. and semi Govt. organizations. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) [2 year full time and 3 year part time] courses have been designed to meet the present and future needs for professional managers. The goal of the course is to create a team of competent managers and entrepreneurs to take care of the expanding business and industrial activities in the competitive environment.

N.B. : Eligibility criteria and other procedure such as for Admission and Examination is subject to change from time to time as per the notification of the University.

Objectives of the courses

The Master Programme in Business Administration (MBA) aims at imparting professional education and training in modern management techniques for handling business operation in a highly dynamic and competitive. environment. The programme is intended to have the following objectives

• Developing the ability to recognize and analyse problems.

• Developing analytical, decision making and problem solving skills.

• Provide insight into the fundamental nature and process of management and human behaviour with the organization.

• Developing the ability to formulate goals and to create commitment to these goals in a given organization.

• Developing an insight into the various organizational problems in the context of changing Technological, Economic, Social and Political Scenario.

Course Structure

As per regulation of the Dibrugarh University, the MBA programme (2 year full time) with dual specialization consists of four semesters of six months duration each. The first semester shall focus on the foundation course. The second semester shall focus in the functional area. In the third semester, the focus is on teaching the elective subject. A student is required to opt for specializations in any two of the five groups offered in the third and fourth semester by the Dibrugarh University. As per the course curriculum, the student is required to undertake the project work at the end of the third semester during the intervening summer vacation.

The study course is spread over in the following order:

I semester : 7 Papers II semester : 7 Papers
III semester : 10 Papers IV semester : 10 Papers


Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
BM-10100 BM-20100 BM-30100 BM-40100
Business Environment Business Legislation Organizational Effectiveness & Change International Business
BM-10200 BM-20200 BM-30200 BM-40200
Principles of Management Financial Management Operations Management Information Systems
BM-10300 BM-20300 BM-30300 BM-40300
Organizational Behavior Marketing Management Project Study Ethos & Values for Managers
BM-10400 BM-20400 BM-30400 BM-40400
Managerial Economics Managerial Skill Development Business Policy & Strategic Analysis Summer Training Report
BM-10500 BM-20500 BM-305X0 BM-405X0
Accounting For Managers Entrepreneurial Development Specialization 1.1 Specialization 1.4
BM-10600 BM-20600 BM-306X0 BM-406X0
Human Resource Management Quantitative Technique Specialization 1.2 Specialization 1.5
BM-10700 BM-20700 BM-307X0 BM-407X0
Computer Applications in Management Research Methods in Business Specialization 1.3 Specialization 1.6
  BM-305Y0 BM-405Y0
Specialization 2.1 Specialization 2.4
BM-306Y0 BM-406Y0
Specialization 2.2 Specialization 2.5
BM-307Y0 BM-407Y0
Specialization 2.3 Specialization 2.6

Specialization Groups and Related Papers


I semester : 7 Papers II semester : 7 Papers
III semester : 10 Papers IV semester : 10 Papers

Specialization Groups and Related Papers

BM-305l Consumer Behavior BM-3053 Financial Decision Analysis
BM-306l Marketing of Services and Rural Marketing BM-3063 Security Analysis, Investment and Portfolio Management
BM-3071 International Marketing BM-3073 International Financial Management
BM-4051 Strategic Marketing BM-4053 Management of Financial Services
BM-4061 Advertising and Brand Management BM-4063 Corporate taxation
BM-4071 Sales and Distribution Management BM-4073 Working Capital Management
BM-3052 Management of Industrial Relations BM-3055 Management Support Systems
BM-3062 Legal Framework Governing IR BM-3065 Systems Analysis and Design
BM-3072 HRD Strategies and Systems BM-3075 Database Management Systems
BM-4052 Compensation Management BM-4055 Telecommunication for Business
BM-4062 Cross Cultural and Global Human Resource Management BM-4065 Enterprise Resource Planning
BM-4072 Organizational Change and Intervention Strategies BM-4075 Security Control Information System
BM-3054 Government Business Interface  
BM-3064 Small Business Marketing  
BM-3074 Financing of Small Business  
BM-4054 New Enterprise Management  
BM-4064 Entrepreneurial Development  
BM-4074 Small Business Environment and Management  


Selection of candidates shall be made as per prescribed rules of Dibrugarh University. There shall be NERIM Entrance Test (NET) of 250 marks on General Awareness, Reasoning, Numerical Ability and English Language. Apart from the Written Test there shall be Group Discussion (GD) for 50 marks & Personal Interview (PI) for 50 marks

Written Test (Time 2 hours) 250 Marks
Group Discussion 50 Marks
Personal Interview 50 Marks
Total 350 Marks

Candidates having composite scores of minimum 500 in MAT or 50 percentile in CAT are exempted from NERIM Entrance Test (NET).

Selection shall be made strictly on the basis of merit.


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